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About Us

The name "Big Bamboo" was inspired by the song performed by iconic Bahamian entertainer, the late Mr. Ronnie Butler.  He was a close friend of the proprietors, who planted a "Big Bamboo" garden in his honor beside the Chubby Mermaid Roof-Top Lounge, where the unique sound of the bamboo shoots swaying in the breeze creates a relaxing ambience for guests. 


The philosophy behind the development of Big Bamboo is based on connecting individuals with surrounding nature, and creating alluring memories that can only be experienced on a tropical out-island.


As a gated property on a remote tropical island, Big Bamboo offers the privacy, separateness, conveniences, lifestyle and sophistication of a high-quality small resort, by partnering nature, remoteness, and comfort, with detail and service of excellence.


Our two storied private boutique villa, intentionally developed along Fresh Creek's salty aquamarine tidal waters and fishing flats, was designed to be a fun-filled retreat, detached from everything but the people with whom you choose to share your magical out-island adventures.





Andros Island

Big Bamboo is nestled along the fishing flats of Fresh Creek, Andros, the largest of the 700 Islands of The Bahamas.  The island is blessed by the Barrier Reef and Tongue of the Sea, the third largest barrier reef in the world.  Being home to the world's largest concentration of Blue Holes, Andros also presents with an abundance of lush pine and coppice forests, wetlands, miles of uninhabited sandy beaches, endless fishing flats, and is therefore known as "The Bone-Fish Capital of the World".


This unique blend of ecosystems has produced an extraordinary array of marine life, flora, fauna and birds.  These natural wonders combined with the culture and leisurely lifestyle of the Androsian people, makes Andros the special remote destination that it is. 




Big Bamboo

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